IsoElegant Leicester Wedding Photographe

Eram & Haseeb

Llangollen Wedding Photographer

Matt & Rachel

IsoElegant Leicester Wedding Photographer
Karina & Dave
IsoElegant Leicester Wedding Photographer

Jo & Clark

IsoElegant Leicester Wedding Photographer
IsoElegant Leicester Wedding Photographer
IsoElegant Leicester Wedding Photographer

Amanda & Daniel

IsoElegant Leicester Wedding Photographer

Tom & Irina

IsoElegant Leicester Wedding Photographe

Sarah & Ian

Stunning wedding photography inspired by film cinematography and 19th Century glamour. Every shot I aim for is a scene straight from a Hollywood flick.

Specialising in quirky and vintage wedding photography across the globe, let me take care of those natural fleeting moments with some class.

For this Leicester wedding photographer to Hong Kong, Verona, The Netherlands and Greece, no wedding is too far or too unusual for IsoElegant.

Blended with natural undertones, my highly stylised approach to everything wedding related will fill you with excitement and confidence. With IsoElegant, your wedding photographs will be as timeless and elegant as the golden age of Hollywood itself.

IsoElegant Leicester Wedding Photographe
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If you want different wedding photography, you're in the right place

Inspired by vintage film cinematography, my stylistic approach has been tinkered and tailored with over 12 non-stop creative years. I have oodles of experience with photographing weddings from across England, Ireland, The Netherlands, Greece, Croatia, Verona and Hong Kong. From 1 guest to 500 - I can engage and organise any wedding party you have.

I have photographed winter weddings, midnight ceremonies, full-blown weddings in November heat waves and movie inspired marriages. My approach is to adapt and be as creative as possible, resulting in some extraordinarily timeless moments made just for you.

As a Leicester wedding photographer, having local knowledge and experience of the city and county as long as I’ve been a wedding photographer is wonderful. When I’m not shooting weddings, I’m driving through Leicester’s national parks at sunrise, searching for castles, hidden underground Viking caves and other unusual spots for brides and grooms to have their photographs taken at.

My photographs are sophisticated, quirky and as vintage as the old cinema classics. I aim for every shot during your day to be like scenes lifted from a Hollywood movie.

These moments are often unplanned and yet remain entirely charming and timeless. I can move around the room and document the fun, laughter, hugs and kisses from the minute I arrive to the very last dance.


Inspiration for me is everywhere, especially in film cinematography. I observe how storytelling is done visually and naturally, and blend it in with my artistic experiences and old style way of photographing.

From my early days of being a journalistic photographer, I unlocked an instinctive ability to shoot unique, candid moments. This reportage documentary style naturally evolved its way into the weddings I photographed, paired with the uniqueness of the couple - my fusion with clients and their own ideas generated fireworks of quirky creativity.


I’ve enjoyed photographing weddings for many years and have often been inspired by thousands of couples and guests, seeing it more of a collaboration of creativity as I revel in other people’s excitement and happiness.


With me as your wedding photographer, your images will leave a lasting impression for generations. I’m an old school storyteller, experienced in documentary style photography with years of cinematic inspiration in my soul. You will have naturally stylish wedding photography from a quirky and artistic person who is really quite good at storytelling.


With IsoElegant, your wedding photographs will be as timeless and elegant as the golden age of Hollywood itself.