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The Calendar Project

56 dogs. 48 months. 4 calendars. 1 project.

Thank you to every single one of you who joined this project to create something very special for 2024.

I'd like to introduce you to the participants.


Cheddar, named after his love of cheese

Luta, her name means to fight in Portuguese

Tess, 16 years old and still going strong

Jigsaw can heelwork to music


Helyg & Awel are responsible fur managers on a campsite in Bala

DaVinci is a beautiful Harlequin great dane with an attitude

Milo has many local dog relatives in Llangollen

Winnie will steal any teddy in sight


Rosie was primped and polished for her photoshoot here

Jill's nickname is silly Jilly

Alfred has a younger, smaller and more boisterous brother who is just as handsome as he is

Nala's best friend is Lilah the boxer


Miska, Syf, Nuka attend Comic Con and have met many celebrities

Pepper was looking at mum because she had snacks

Lilah can army crawl

Kip & Gigsy are nephew and uncle


Chloe ate Dad’s entire 30th birthday cake

Flo nailed her portrait in the first photograph

Wilson likes a cheeky sip of beer

Jasper has his own green comfy sofa


Puzzle was almost called Pirate because he has the letter P on his face

Tiny Tulip is currently training to be a service dog

Bear loves playing on the trampoline

Loon Bear loves Marmite toast


Buddy is a shoe thief

Ted was the first doggy to kick off the Calendar Project

Taff sneaks into neighbour's houses and chills out

Honey was getting attention from everyone before even stepping into the studio


Pwca will bark at a stick until her fellow dogs find it

Rolo has his own Instagram page

Max can totally high five

Quill & Hiccup's sunflower props came from their owner's land, they ate them immediately after this photo


Ted & Jerry are Tibetan terriers and sort of shared a sunflower

Hector was the youngest participant of the Calendar Project

Kiddo eats anything and everything she's not supposed to

Danger Mouse is obsessed with ducks


Missy, Humphrey & Mushu - Their mum owns a dog walking business called Jurassic Bark

Toast has chunky Dachshund Paws, perfect for digging up dead things to eat

Ralph is training to be a service dog at his owner’s family funeral directors

Dexter hates a bath, but loves a muddy puddle. The dirtier the better.


Vader - The letter D on his collar stands for dog. D for Dog. Incredible.

Wallace is a white Scottie dog and is very gentle

Willow relaxed immediately in her photoshoot and was so relaxed, she stuck her tongue out

Shep teams up with the cat to steal unattended meat from the kitchen side, then they share the stolen goods


Sulby qualified and competed in Crufts 2023, and again for 2024

Bella believes her human sister’s boyfriends are her boyfriends

Clifton ate a hole into the sofa and got stuck inside

Guinness loves a full turkey dinner with all the trimmings

All of the doggies are local-ish, and some have even been recognised because of this Calendar Project! An unexpected blissful result.

The calendars are for sale for £15 each or two for £24. If you'd like one, come to my studio at The Malthouse, Regent St, Llangollen, LL20 8HS - Follow the dog photos and you're in the right place!

Bring your own dog too, I have free treats and cuddles for them.



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