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Showing off your dogs

Dog shows are brilliant. There are family fun ones running through the summer, then there are the top dog ones like Crufts - And they all allow one thing; To show off your dog!

There are all sorts of categories during these shows; my choice favourites are waggiest tail and best sausage catcher. I hope more exuberant categories get added as time goes on. I wouldn't mind seeing the puppiest dog eyes, Disney dogs and laziest in show.

You meet all sorts of wonderful characters at dog shows; owners and their dogs alike - And they are all great to be around.

This is Fly and I'm pretty sure he only sleeps for 20 minutes a day. True to his name, he really did fly around the whole show at Newtown Cricket Club. He obviously won the best tricks category because he could do EVERYTHING!

Jump and balance on his owner's back, figure of 8 between the legs, understand left from right, catch balls, fetch and even bounce like a basketball.

The organisers of the dog show at Newtown were Save Our Seized Dogs. They do incredible work for misunderstood breeds and offer advice and help where needed. Follow their journey on Facebook here; they are a non-profit organisation and are constantly campaigning and fundraising for this incredible issue.

A big congratulations to all of the doggles who entered and won at this dog show, and a special mention for Izzy for winning best of show - A rescued staffie who is now full of love.

At FarGo Village's DogFest in Coventry, the variety of doggies was plentiful. The event was much more than a dog show, it was everything dogs!

It catered for all sizes and abilities, it had nooks and comfy places in the shade, free tasty treats and was a complete sniff haven for the excitable and curious.

This bull terrier is called Elmo. Elmo caught my attention because he had jingle bells on his collar. His size was the next thing I noticed, and then his soft demeanor. A truly gentle giant who tilted his head adoringly at my attempt at a whistle.

Here are some lovely pooch portraits from the event. Special thank yous go out to Lucy, Mabel, Frida, Sparx, Poppy, Scampi, Bella, Alfie and Nimue for being the best doggies in the whole world.

This lovely dog show was organised by Sophi from Jurassic Bark. Besides coming up with the greatest dog walking business name ever, she is a woman of many talents and is the most genuine person you could ask for.

I travelled across the border to Shrewsbury for this show and it was 100% worth it.

I think the thing I love most about the dog shows is the way people are with their pets. They're actually not just pets and you can see it; the loving embrace and interaction. It warms my heart to document it.

The three dogs here are considered senior. Sparky the Chihuahua is 16, Kate with dad is 9 and won most beautiful girl (obviously) and Max with mum is 10. In my eyes though, all dogs retain puppy innocence forever.

There were quite a few sets of double troublemakers at this dog show at Salop Leisure. The retrievers here are Honey and Dexter and they even have their own Instagram page here @TheGoldenFluffballs

This is Larry Longlegs and Bertie Bouncealot

Geoff and Dennis

Maggie and Larry

They were not in fact troublemakers, they were the all on their bestest behaviour for their photoshoot.

The first dog show of the year for me was at the Pavilion in Llangollen, organised by Wrexham & District Kennel Society. A great indoor venue with plenty of space for the dog show to take place, plus all the traders got a great view of the ring and judging throughout the day.

As usual, I had my mini studio set up and got to work handing out leaflets. This leaflet in fact.

This is Wilf and Wilf had a follow up photoshoot at The Portrait Parlour. He still had his signature paw going on. We met at the Llangollen Pavilion through the Wrexham & District Kennel Society. Best day ever.

I do love mini stories like this. Pearl the staffie was a perfect fit in this family's lives. Loveable, bonkers and full of energy.

And honestly... the more merrier.

This is Bea and Brodie. Somehow they re-created the greatest meme going.

Watch this space my good people! I will be going to plenty more dog shows, we may even cross paths again. Thank you so much for reading and if you spot me in the wild, come and say hi and let me pet your doggie.

Footage of doggies being doggies at Whixall Dog Show 2023.




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