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Rainbow bride - Light Up Leicester

With the incredible light installations around the city of Leicester, it was too good to miss having a photoshoot amongst them!

Mel from Bridal Reloved Leicester quickly put a team together and made this happen in less than 48 hours.

The hair was done by Emma at Emma's Hair & Beauty and the flowers were made by Sarah Carter Flowers. Mel, of course, supplied this gorgeous gown that Sinead showed off all night!

Our little team wondered around the installations and took loads of behind the scenes shots! Always grateful for those!

We even took advantage of the numerous businesses with fairy lights. Walking from one light installation to the next was equally as interesting.

Another great piece was the wave of orbs in St. Peter's Square outside the Highcross. 500 points of multicoloured lights! This one seemed to be the most popular but everyone was really lovely and made space for us to get our shots!

The last part was the craziest. Light up seesaws in the middle of the street! Sinead was very popular indeed - everyone wanted a selfie with her.

All in all, I'd call that a very successful photoshoot! Thank you to everyone who made this possible, it was a wonderful opportunity for us wedding suppliers to show off our stuff!

We've been looking at everyone else's photographs on social media too and have loved being a part of something outrageously colourful and creative. It really lifted everyone's spirits amidst the winter months.

Feel free to follow Mel, Emma, myself and Sarah on social media to see what other crazy things we get up to!


Mel - Bridal Reloved

Emma - Emma's Hair & Beauty

Sarah - Sarah Carter Flowers


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