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My brides get prepared!

Weddings are big parties. As parties go, there's the preparation we deal with. Whether you need 5 minutes for mascara or 3 hours for an intricate hairstyle, the time and effort put into getting ready for a wedding is the mount Everest of groundwork.

You have spent months, even years constructing how your wedding should be, so you at least deserve a mega pampering session on the morning of your big day. But first, you have to figure out if this is something you'd like to have photographed. A keepsake, an actual documentation of the hustle and bustle of your bridesmaids, your mum and your best friend's kids all around you at this exciting time of the day.

This particular bride who got married in the gorgeously elegant Gerbestone manor, Somerset had every member of family stay at the place for convenience. Her dress was gobsmackingly beautiful, suited her frame perfectly and she had all eyes on her during every moment of the day. She wanted everything documenting, down to the Newfoundland dogs roaming the grounds.

This image above is one of my all time favourites and was even nominated to appear in one of America's leading bridal magazines.

Another one of my favourites, taken in Santorini, Greece. Yes, I have many favourites.

This was a fun one because this bride shared her suite with her bridal party.... by having a jacuzzi party before getting into her dress. Champagne was had of course, if you're on top a Santorini mountain, you really must have champagne and a quick jacuzzi session.

Because we were so high up, it was windy, a very nice welcoming breeze at that due to the heat of a Greek September wedding. Special thanks to the weather for helping create this wonderfully uplifting moment.

The bridesmaids were fantastic because they really did allow me to get creative as they were getting ready.

There is a clear and definitive style to each wedding, it's why I love doing all of this. Whether the wedding is in Greece, or in Northern Ireland, the bride (usually) has put her all into creating her perfect day.

I believe that during the morning, there is a moment, much like the feeling at the top of a roller coaster, that all brides feel everything will fall into place. It's the tension and atmosphere of it all that really is apparent at almost every wedding. The beautiful thing is, she is surrounded by all of her friends and family who want to be there and support her and make the transition a little easier - these are the instances that I completely crave for.

Using natural light to get creative. Doing this really inspires me to get imaginative with what's around the place. I'm a sucker for silhouettes and will always try to find a way to incorporate them.

When it comes down to it, as a wedding photographer, I have been given permission to roam through people's lives completely uninterrupted. It's a wonderful job, sometimes it doesn't feel like a job, it's a dream even for me.

I've met some amazing brides across the 12 years I've been doing this. There's no sign of me stopping because of the rush I feel when brides see their images. All the planning, all the money spent on your perfect wedding and at the end of it all, you put faith in your photographer to cement your day, your story and the limitless amounts of love in the air!

The best images for me are the ones that aren't planned, they're lovely little surprises for the whole family. The very reasons why every wedding is different, those significant one of a kind trinkets, the pair of shoes that your great grandmother wore or something as simple as your niece's favourite flowers all contribute to defining your wedding.

The images that you see here are only the start of a genuinely extraordinary day for all of the brides and I'm here to tell you, not one of them regretted having their morning photographed. I haven't forgotten about the grooms either! Follow up on the gentlemen soon enough.

Thank you once again for reading my blog! Pictures always help.



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