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Hollywood stars... found in Leicester

It's not every day a bunch of seriously good looking people are all in one room, unless you're in actual Hollywood Land. But I got to arrange and photograph a wonderful group of likeminded creatives and experiment to my heart's content. This one focuses on Hollywood lighting.

This blog is about connecting musicians with actors, performers, freelancers and all round beautiful people, not only with the community, but within my heart too. You all mean the world to me for even coming along and for some, this provided a perfect opportunity to be out of your comfort zones <--- ultimate respect from me!

Sit back, relax, and try to find yourselves in amongst the wealth of class displayed here.

I'm quite sure none of the Hollywood stars did this pose back in the 40's, but it is me so I'm leaving it in.

I owe a special thank you to David Wilson Clarke who provided lights, advice and some very posh lenses.

Thank you to Sam the music man for sprinting up Narborough Road in the bluest suit you could ever lay your eyes upon. Laura, thanks for waiting until the ice cleared to cycle to me. Alex and Emma, I am so glad I got you in the same room to talk about sounds and art. Also Emma, why are you so pretty, it's so unfair. And thank you to Phil for rocking up ready to either 1. beat someone up or 2. hand out some poker chips. Next time bring Oakley and we'll make you look less intimating and more gooey with love over your new puppy, yeah?

I am genuinely amazed you all came together to experience this project with me. A thousand thank yous and may this fun continue to bigger and better things!


Sam Plummer the music man of Rhymes Against Humanity, his Instagram is found here.

Laura Hadland, Wonder Woman of many things is found here on her Thirst Media page.

Phil the actor with the poshest name in the entire universe, his website is right here.

David Wilson Clarke and his endless supply of dancers, performers and artists he's photographed, right here.

Alexander Fth and his collection of approximately 96 billion songs, website found here.

Check out each other's work and spread the love like butter.


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