Giulia Mio's Fancy Hats

Nestled in the heart of Leicester's Makers' Yard; once a hosiery factory, now a colourful creative space for visionary entrepreneurs - One such lady is Giulia Mio of Giulia Mio Millinery.

Giulia designs hats. These hats are fancy.

Her website is chock full of beautiful hand-made head pieces. They range from dainty doodahs to epic masterpieces and are all as unique as the last.

Her latest hats are made out of paper and simple materials such as cotton. Giulia wanted a real back-to-basics feel with her new launch and came up with these! She is exceptionally active on social media and posts about her creations constantly, reeling off incredible details behind the making of each head piece.

Giulia has recently become a member of the British Hat Guild! Continuing to take over the world one accomplishment at a time, she still has the time of day to dedicate herself to making hats for all sorts of occasions. Ascot, weddings and photoshoots to name a few.

These head pieces are currently for sale (as of May '21). They have dominated her website and so they should, they are remarkable pieces of art. Giulia is just as active on her Facebook page as well as Instagram, feel free to browse her world.

Giulia blends with other souls to create these scenes and portraits, one such person is Claire from Pin Curls Vintage Services. Claire does magic with the hair and makeup, helps costume ideas and jewellery, and of course she is based at the Makers' Yard too.

Here she is, fully assisting us with Giulia's winter shoot.

Giulia's work appears all over the place and she never fails to send me through the links. Here's an article of her in HATalk from 2020 (the front page is obviously the most brilliant photograph ever).

And there is an Instagram page too, talking about all things hats of course, including competitions, an extensive supplier directory and creative projects.

Claire and Giulia are a powerhouse of fun and success when they get together. See endearing photo as proof.

The winter colours and themes were quite dark, as done so on purpose. There is a sensational flare between vintage and classic, this is what happens when Giulia and Claire get together and I feel so proud to have been the official photographer to help realise this vision.

From 2020, Giulia's work became a little brighter and the concepts even bolder. The Hat Channel Mag even interviewed her, the article and links can be found here.

Giulia has worked with Matt Holt to create a video about herself and hat products. Watch it, it's really quite good.

Matt's impressive work can also be found here:

Now on to the next project, Giulia is catering for mother of the bride headwear, because weddings are back!!! In fact, just easing lockdown is enough to celebrate and wear a fancy hat.

Please take a look at everyone's links and work, they make all of these astonishing things possible.