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Engagement shoots = Wedding photos without the pressure

Engagement shoots. Are they for you? What purpose do they serve? How much are they?

The point is.... Photographs are supposed to be fun & interesting & speak volumes about you guys! They attach a delightful memory to an image. Engagement shoots from me are full of life and colour, they help bring out that side of you that your partner sees.

The beautiful thing with engagement shoots are that they can be done anywhere at any time. Alex and Kamila, above, chose their own bedroom with a white wall. They got dolled up and just had fun together.

Marianne and Julian, my best Dutchies in the entire universe, flew over for a day and I took them to a gorgeous spot in Leicestershire. The autumn season was literally the most perfect backdrop for them to mess around in.

Engagement photos are so relaxed. There's no 2 hour preparation to get ready, you wear what you like and just show up in the afternoon.

Can't climb a tree in a suit and dress can ye?

Engagement shoots can include the whole family. They involve everyone who's important to you, and this photograph was taken at Karina & Dave's back garden in the middle of summer.

No matter what the weather, we can make beautiful images happen! This shoot with Joe & Georgia at Abbey Park in Leicester was done in the rain. The brolly was a handy little prop and the reflections on the ground made it all the more enchanting. Seeing as no one else wanted to venture outside - we got the whole park to ourselves!

A lot of my pre-wedding shoots contain things I love as well. Water, nature, bridges and any form of weather. If I were not a wedding photographer, I'd be a storm chaser so I endure all weather fronts. Luckily, Marek & Herleen had spring on their side!

Told ya, nature and bridges. I don't know what it is about them, but Rothley vineyard has plenty of greenery, wildlife and water.

This gorgeous location is at Liz's vineyard in Rothley, it's the Rothley wine estate. Click here for wine tasting and vineyard tours that the lovely Liz personally provides.

My very own wedding packages include Liz's award winning English sparkling wine. There are year round volunteering opportunities, plus.. TWO vineyard puppies to play with all day! Honestly, the place is pure magic.

Obviously you can have your own engagement shoot here, just get in touch with me and we'll arrange it for you!

When my engagement shoots aren't outdoors, they're somewhere 10x more interesting. How about the National Space Centre??

This was the very playful Andy & Helen, their cheekiness shone through from engagement to wedding. They are an insanely fun couple and the Space Centre was practically made for them to play around in.

How about somewhere less crowded? Like the studio, where you have all the time in the world to compose yourself and get ready to pop the big question?

No distractions, it's just pretty much you and your partner. If this particular style suits you more, get in touch with me and I shall provide the right settings!

And of course we end with some magnificent outdoor engagement photos of Amy & Ant!

Featuring bridges.

Clouds!! Can't get enough of those dramatic clouds!

Don't engagement shoots look fun?? There's nothing to it really, just good practice for being around a camera and me for your actual wedding day.

If you want to show off your photographs during your wedding, I can provide them for you as well!

Get in touch with me and I'll check the weather!



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