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A Dog's Life - Questions and interesting answers

How do you interact with your dog(s)? Do you have the softest and snuggliest doggy in the world? Are toys and treats the best motivator? How much do you have in common with your nextdog neighbour?

This post is dedicated to the wonderful dog owners who dutifully answered my burning questions - What are the biggest similarities and widest differences between each doggie and every pup parent? Time to reveal some answers!

Q. 1 - How many dogs do you have?

73% of you have one dog

21% of you have two dogs

3% of you have three dogs

2% of you have four dogs

Q. 2 - How old are they?

30% of you have the bestest of the best aged 8 and above. And most of you have adult doggles!

Q. 3 - Where is your dog's favourite place?

BED! Obviously is the winner here with 28% of you agreeing

An endless field, highly relatable to 27% of you

25% say on your lap of course, where the heck else would they be?

10% are beach ready

3% dig it at the dog park!

And 8% prefer the comfort of their own little garden

Q. 4 - Describe your dog in 3 words.

Aren't these just the sweetest answers?! Can you find yours? Please enjoy each other's descriptions!

Q. 5 - What motivates them the most?

32% say treats. But methinks the number is way higher.

26% for attention! That does include infinite cuddles.

26% also for walkies

Q. 6 - When out for walkies, how many photos do you take of them?

78% of you take at least a few photos. 6% take more than 20 photos! I'm in this category.

Q. 7 - What is their most recent achievement? My most favourite of all the questions, you all answered so differently but also so genuinely. Here are a few of my absolute treasured answers from you.

Q. 8 - For each dog you have, describe their best physical features

All of your answers were as perfect as your dogs - So pretty perfect.

Their unique facial features, their soft ears, their gloriously shiny coat, soulful eyes, loving nature; their everything. If I could capture the love you have for your little companions, I'd put it in a bottle and call it happiness.

Here are some noteworthy entries:

Q. 9 - When are they most active?

Q. 10 - Where do they love being petted the most?

Belly rubs! No surprise there. If you're able to give a belly rub to a dog, you've gained the ultimate trust.

Thank you to everyone who give their honest answers. I found them to be extremely heartwarming and unique in their own wonderful way.

Should you want to document their most recent achievements, including your own little wins for teaching them new tricks, taking them to training classes and generally persisting to reach these incredible accomplishments, feel free to take advantage of my photography offers seen on The Portrait Parlour page.

Thank you so much for participating and I hope you enjoyed the read!



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