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Memory lane in the rain

This is Joe and Georgia. They became husband and wife on 30th March last year. Joe and Georgia's engagement shoot was planned back in October 2017, but freak weather occurred. Winds and gusts and leaves flying about all over the place posed an interesting plan B.

If you're from Leicester you will probably recognise this spot. It's an alleyway to Abbey Park and a treasure trove of curious corners, colourful spaces and wide open areas to play around in and photograph. It's actually Georgia's old stomping ground which is the very reason she chose to have her engagement shoot here.

As you can tell.... we prepared for all weather fronts this time. And boy, did it rain. I've secretly always wanted to do a photoshoot in the rain, and this was the perfect opportunity to get some great shots. Bless them, they did everything I asked and they still remained effortlessly romantic towards each other.

From engagement to wedding, let me show you their story.

As always, the getting ready shots are my favourite. No, the confetti shots. No, the vows, no, the crying. Okay so I like all of it. The tone of these images completely reflect how calm and collected Georgia was.

Don't worry! Tis only a water pistol. Joe and Georgia's wedding had all sorts of surprise goodies like this throughout the day. They really did know how to entertain guests!

They featured on my weekly Facebook poll of Which Edit Do You Prefer? The poll's still open, message below in the comments about which edit you like the most! Sometimes black and white wins, and sometimes a gal with badass rock-chick red hair wins.

My IsoElegant Facebook page is found here, I update it with all sorts of edits, photographs, events and sometimes even pets. Take a look!

This was such a cool wedding! It had speckles of geek and chic; what a combination! Featuring comic books, Pixar references, Alice in Wonderland teapots and even Deadpool hiding in the wedding cake.

Joe and Georgia, you have been my inspiration to look for more like minded couples like yourselves, quoting movies and games all day long is basically the best thing in the world - and you made everything come to life on your wedding day!! And as if it stopped there, no no. Georgia has her own little creative business that you must immediately check out, her work is seriously badass.

Guys, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your day and many happy returns! I look forward to seeing more geek adventures from you two! Thank you for reminding me that Tazos existed.


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