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My brother's proposal

Mum’s behind me recording the whole thing. Kami and Alex are dressed in their best outfits. My brother wanted that to be captured in high spirits, and as you can see below, these two together are a delightfully kooky couple, and I adore them both. His plan was to get down on one knee at some significant point during their maternity photo shoot.

They are expecting a little girl in February. Her name will be Grace and according to Kami, no pink shall be found associated with her daughter, she will be red; the colour of passion and love! So I'm gonna go ahead and buy all things pink for Grace.

This is our Ma who will soon be known as Grammar - because she doesn't spell things correctly.

Yes they have different parenting styles already. Alex is kindly displaying what he would do to Grace's potential boyfriends.

So we needed a plan. A code word so we knew when he was going to pop the question. The code word was *pineapple* My brother is like... how the hell am I going to incorporate pineapple into a maternity shoot? Not to worry bro, I got this. “Hey Kamila? Have you had any weird cravings since being pregnant?” Cue my brother.... PINEAPPLE. Oh god, oh god it’s time. Everyone get into position, he’s about to do it.

Bless his heart, I’ve never seen him so nervous but here they are, together, in the moment and all I can think of is pineapple. She said yes and mum’s behind me crying her eyes out. So this was a very meaningful photo shoot for me and my entire family. No doubt I’ll be their wedding photographer! (I better be your wedding photographer Al)

Congratulations you two! You make such a nice, complimentary couple and every time I hang out with you guys I always have a good laugh. With an environment like that, Grace is sure to fit in perfectly with us.

Love from your big sis,


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