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When the serious work is done: Quixotic

Be warned people, this is a sequel. Historically, most sequels rarely succeed their predecessors, and hell, we might be in that bracket already. Depends on your definition of success. Mine is not to take life too seriously, hence this continuous blog is about a collaboration between one kooky soul and another, we can only be described as a lit match and a firework.

When the serious work is done: Geisha (that being take one) involved the great outdoors, a kimono and 56 thousand tons of photographic and lighting equipment. When the serious work is done: Quixotic happened, when it came down to it, the 56 thousand tons of photographic and lighting equipment needn't go anywhere! We went to it.

Now, as Dave mentions his blog concerning the very same project, I did indeed bring 95, maybe 96 different changes of outfit.

For anyone that knows me, I'm a constant buzz of excitement and to capture me in focus in any type of photography is a rarity.

I really do go a million miles an hour. One of my outfits turned me into a French citizen. The cigarette I hold in my hand is actually a novelty pen which I collect. Having never smoked a cigarette in my life, this is how I assume it's done, do I look cool? Lighting was directly above to show off my super French cheekbones and attitude.

You'd never guess it was me!

Okay, after some messing around, Dave and I swapped throughout the day. Meaning, I was the photographer, then so was Dave. Not sure if this was a good idea or not? You decide below.


Then came another drastic outfit change, into a mob wife! According to Dave. It's the pocket watch that really rounds off this look.

Next was testing rim lighting, and my ability to escape from a petticoat.

There is one final image however, that I have come to love and appreciate more than any other during this project. The day was coming to a close, the last lighting to be used was a beauty dish - quickly becoming my favourite lighting technique. This would be why.

This image right here.

Admittedly not that much about it at first glance. But then. You start analysing it. When... when was this image taken? Early 90s? It's got an early nineties feel to it. She might be in Seinfeld! I've seen her before you know, isn't she the quirky one?

Literally everything about this image is fantastic. It really does look like I'm from a sitcom! In a strange way, this is exactly how I'd depict myself, and considering the 95 or 96 outfit changes I went through that day, this one represents me the most and I LOVE IT.

For Dave's take on the day, go to his website and check it all out here:

Once again, thanks for reading and paying attention to us!


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