When the serious work is done: Geisha

This is me, I am not normally this pale. Nor do I wear this much make up.

I dressed as a Japanese geisha for the day. With the help of David Wilson Clarke, a most fantastical man with a mind so open you could spend decades swimming around in his thoughts.

He does this a lot you know, photographs the unusual.

Check out more of his work here:


I dressed up in a full blown kimono simply because it was fun. It took me away from the every day and sometimes we all need a little bit of that, even if it means trekking through woods and climbing trees in the number one most impractical outfit in the world.

Here are Dave's images of me, because we kinda wanted to compare!


Getting to that island meant extremely cold feet.

David and I spent nearly all day in Dovedale searching for the right spot. This tree was it!!

We were passed by many ramblers and students on school trips who stopped to have a nosy at this out-of-place scene.

Another amazing thing was that I asked Dave to photograph me using an SLR camera. I wanted to do something cool in the darkroom! So here's my face half way through wiping off the Snazaroo make up.

The darkroom is actually where I met Dave, it's a funky little place called Leicester Lo-Fi and you should definitely check them out!!

We then rewarded ourselves with home made Derbyshire ice cream! Accompanied by wasps.

Thank you for reading about our quirky adventure! We plan to have several more that results in ice cream.

Please check out David's work, he's a lovely lad so he is.



And of course Leicester Lo-Fi!