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Promotional Video

Advertising and marketing bespoke promotional videos for independent businesses

• Three main price packages to suit your business

• 30 second clips to 5 minute edits available

• Free pre-consultation with Sammy if interested, based in North Wales

Prices & Packages

Popular £200

30 - 60 second clip

Logo watermarked throughout, plus own business plaque on beginning and end of video

1 hour - 90 minutes of shooting

Direct YouTube link

Platinum £350

2 - 3 minute clip

Business logo and name watermarked, plus business plaque and info on start and end of video

2 - 3 hours of shooting

Mini interview and/or client interaction

Direct YouTube video link

Detail photographs taken including product photography

Premium £525

4 - 5 minute clip

Free pre-consultation to discuss details, scheduling and planning mini storyboard

1/2 day shooting for footage

Mini interview or voiceover with owner showing client interaction

Logo stamped from start to finish and detailed plaque displayed at beginning and end

Direct YouTube link plus high quality video provided

Photographs taken to be included in the video, including detail product shots, portraits, life style scenarios and property shots; external and internal.

All packages include a free pre-consultation to discuss your needs and specific requirements for a promotional video. Royalty free music is used, a YouTube link will be provided and your business name and logo will be stamped throughout the video.

These promotional videos will be created with your personal needs in mind. It will be a creative collaboration to help you bridge the gap between your business ventures and your clients with a nostalgic and warm engagement.

Based in Llangollen, and a frequent customer of Gales Wine Bar, The Three Eagles and the Fudge Factory, I can also travel to the surrounding areas for such unique endeavours, with travel included in the cost within a 10 mile radius. 

My clients often re-book me for new content, here are some of Rebecca Barnes' video promotions for a project called Extreme Harping.

As you can see, each video is as unique as the last. Video making is a creative collaboration between me, you and your customers. I'll have the tools needed to help you create visually wondrous content for your clients to engage with.

Depending on my client's needs, videos range from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Listed are some of the more popular packages that businesses have opted for to uniquely suit their requests. All videos are created to be quick and engaging with your business logo watermarked and receiving a direct YouTube link.

Nostalgia girl at heart. If VHS's weren't obsolete I'd be using a camcorder to film most things. From family Christmases and pub karaoke nights to Japanese sumo wrestling, you can bet I've recorded it and dished out the movies as gifts or thank yous. 

Realising how much people accepted my homely style of filming and editing, I took it a little further. Since 2009, I have helped provide heartwarming community videos for local forest schools, a uniquely talented bump painter and entrepreneur, a highly talented classical harpist to promote Extreme Harping, a photography studio and the UK's largest community darkroom.

All of them had one thing in common; they truly favoured the soft and gentle storytelling I could innately create.

If you would like more information regarding promotional videos, please head to the contact page and send me a message,


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